Geo-Education and Outreach
To create awareness of the importance Earth Sciences play in today’s society the Geological Survey for some time has been compiling a series of posters informing about its varied activities, as well related subjects of current interest and regularly partakes in a range of educational and outreach activities to promote geoscience awareness in the community.

GSN Posters

In this section you find posters dealing with the Geological Survey of Namibia (GSN) and the various tasks of its six divisions (Regional geoscience, Economic geology, Geophysics, Geochemistry & laboratories, Engineering & environment, Geo-information), as well as information on career opportunities in Geoscience. Posters are under publications.

Educational Posters

This section contains educational posters that deal with earth sciences related topics such as The Importance of Rocks and Minerals in Daily Life.

Earth Science Related Subjects

Posters in this section deal with earth science related topics of general interest, such as geological phenomena (volcanoes, earthquakes), geo-hazards and their mitigation (Indian Ocean Tsunami) or the importance of rocks and minerals in daily life. Posters are under publications.

Exploration of Space

Although not strictly falling under the heading of “Earth Science”, the exploration of space, especially of our own solar system provides valuable information about the origins of our planet and the likelihood of finding another Earth. The Geological Survey therefore is producing a series of informative posters about current projects, including one about the role satellites have come to play in today’s society. Posters are under publications.

International Year of Planet Earth

As 2008 has been declared the International Year of Planet Earth by the United Nations, the Geological Survey has decided to promote this event and the awareness of Earth sciences in general with a series of posters and activities. Research topics that are supported by the International Year include Groundwater, Natural hazards, Earth & Health, Climate, Natural Resources, Megacities, Deep Earth and Ocean, which will be the subjects of future posters. Posters are under publications.

Geological Attractions of Namibia

The series of posters under the header “Namibia’s Geological Treasures” has been compiled to explain the geological background of some of the highlights that feature in most travellers’ itinerary. Posters are under publications